Various shades of beauty

  • Omega System is a manufacturer of information showcases. 
  • Showcases are made of a few types of profiles, thanks to which they present various constructional and aesthetical qualities. 
  • Aesthetical differentiation enables to select the best showcases corresponding with the character of the rooms and environment, where they are to be displayed. Features of aesthetic lines are described and visualised in the bookmark LINES.

individual solutions

  • We offer unusual, individual solutions, adapted to clients’ needs and extraordinary designs made by designers and architects.
  • It refers both to construction, furnishing and purpose of showcases, but also to their attractive finishing as far as colour selection is concerned
  • > as a standard showcases are made of elegant anodized aluminium profiles – silver mat
  • > for the demanding clients we offer:
  • >> showcases profiles painted any colour out of RAL palette
  • >> showcases profiles painted in a way that imitates tree pattern and colour in many patterns
  • >> anodizing in different colours - brown, olive and other – it enables to obtain a really noble mat surface, one of its kind (that possibility usually applies to bigger orders)
  • see the pattern-books for colours and patterns

qualities of used materials


panes are made of three types of materials:

  • hardened glass – basic material
  • > it is found safe – if it gets broken, it falls to little pieces
  • > ten times more resistant than ordinary glass or VSG glass (safety laminated glass) of the same thickness
  • > it does not get scratched like PMMA plexiglass or polycarbonate
  • > compared to plastics, it is rather heavy


  • plexiglass (acrylic glass, PMMA)
  • > it is light


  • Solid polycarbonate
  • > impact-resistant material – it is really hard to knock out
  • > prone to scratching
  • >light


Colour palette - RAL pattern-book

Colourful showcases

  • Showcases may be painted any colour out of RAL palette, in accordance with company’s colour scheme, adapted to the environment, eye-catching.


  • General information related to RAL palette - patterns
  • General information related to RAL palette - patterns


Painted showcases

Colour-scheme and patterns – patterns of wood-imitating coatings

Profiles with wood-imitating coating.
Showcases made of aluminium profiles imitating veneered wood.

  • Profiles of showcases are covered with wood-imitating coatings in a few patterns, it enables even better, more beautiful matching of showcases with the character of rooms
    they are displayed in.
  • Both for modern rooms as well as for those with more traditional or historical character.
  • Thanks to showcases made that way we may meet even more ambitious requirements of our clients and designers.


  • Examples of showcases covered with wood-imitating coating - SLIM Line showcase and OVAL Line showcase

Colour-scheme and sample-book of anodized profiles colours

Noble anodized coating

  • Standard showcases are made of profiles anodized to silver mat, it is a versatile colour that usually matches all environments.
  • Profiles may also be anodized to other colours, thanks to which they preserve their noble unique mat character.
  • Showcases made of profiles anodized to colours other than silver are produced on bigger orders. 

  • Above there is an example - SLIM Line showcase, gold-anodized

Colour-scheme and pattern – old gold

  • Decor offer is completed with a coating imitating old gold.
  • Profiles painted to imitate old gold are perfect for rooms of old character, thanks to which modern showcases can blend in the space of old rooms and traditional museums.

  • Above: SLIM Line showcase profile covered with old gold decor

* pattern-books presented on this website cannot constitute the ground for colour selection, they do not reflect true colours seen in reality

Formats of paper sheets ISO216

  • Showcases standard dimensions have been selected for typical sizes of paper sheets and their multiplicity. The tables below show dimensions of A and B formats
  • The most popular poster format is B1
Format – A   Format B
ISO2016 mm x mm   ISO2016 mm x mm
A0 841 × 1189   B0 1000 × 1414
A1 594 × 841   B1 707 × 1000
A2 420 × 594   B2 500 × 707
A3 297 × 420   B3 353 × 500
A4 210 × 297   B4 250 × 353
A5 148 × 210   B5 176 × 250




Approximate visualisation of showcases proportions in relation to formats and the number of paper sheets.

Below we present visualisation of showcases proportions in relation to the number of presented paper sheets of various formats. They shall facilitate better selection of a showcase adapted
to your needs and concepts.