showcases in long corridors

Showcases at Cracow Technical University. Complex furnishing. We custom-make not only showcases, but also informative and visual identification elements – main boards, information boards and door boards. There are a few patterns to choose from. See Omega Systems solutions for institutions and office blocks.

Railway showcases in Warsaw

Information showcases at railway stations in the capital and many other locations in Poland. Strong, reliable construction, prestigious style.

Showcases for years

Showcases for Katowice Housing Cooperative – in SUPERJEDNOSTKA. We have durable showcases for housing cooperatives and communities that will endure a lot. We offer related services.

information showcases in museum

Standing and mobile showcases in the Twierdza Kłodzko museum. It is an example how to make use of information showcases in cultural establishments.

showcases at railway stations with current timetable

Suspended showcases at Warsaw East railway station

showcases suitable for every setting

Information showcase near Willa Fitznera in Siemianowice. The colour and character in harmony with that historical place.

information showcases in offices

Showcases in the Job Centre in Łaziska Górne. Reliable, safe Omega System showcases are also used in many offices in cities and communes, tax offices, schools, courts and other state institutions.

information showcases everywhere

Showcases made for CTL Maczki Bór, installed in an economic area. They inform and decorate.